works with leading global pharma companies around the world.

Our AI solution

predicts sales and profits for pharma companies.

And optimizes levers with big immediate impact: customer engagement model and channel mix.

Achievable effect: Higher customer response, +5-10% profits, 60-90% less planning work.

70-80% of physicians

have become more digitally savvy during CV-19 and state that their engagement preference has sustainably changed


What's the measurable opportunity of this change for pharma firms? How much customer response, future sales and profits can they gain by optimizing their customer engagement model and channel mix?

No tool

offers a useful prediction. This burns money.


Our AI solution

helps pharma firms to predict how customers respond to their promotional activities

Key deliverables

Where are clusters of customers who increase prescriptions in response to higher activity levels?

How much field force per cluster to maximize sales? Which channel mix maximizes customer response? Which product mix maximizes customer response?...

Where are single remote responsive customers? How can they be served virtually?

What is the overall impact on future sales and profits?

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Results from initial study with 1.7 bn UK data

1. Higher customer response

2. +5-10% profit upside

3. 60-90% less planning work

Use Case

Example study
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Dr. Moritz Fischer

  • Customer lead & CEO
  • Ex-BCG project leader in biopharma & medtech
  • Strong focus on commercial excellence and big-data analytics
  • PhD in healthcare innovation

Sebastian Butterweck

  • Product lead
  • B2B software developer and entrepreneur
  • Strong focus on algorithms & machine learning
  • BSc. Computer Science

Marc Gilbert

  • Infrastructure & security lead
  • B2B cloud solution specialist and entrepreneur
  • Strong focus on data securitiy solutions in e.g., banking
  • Certified IT specialist