works with leading global pharma companies around the world.

Our AI solution

predicts sales and profits for pharma companies.

It helps to optimize drivers with immediate effect: Sales force size, allocation and channel mix.

Achievable effect: Higher customer response, +5-10% profits, 60-90% less planning work.

10-15% of sales

are reinvested by the average pharma company into the sales force to push the future business

3 questions

Which future sales and profits can you expect?

What is the optimization potential?

And how to achieve it?

No tool

offers a useful prediction. This burns money.


Our AI solution predicts sales and profits of pharma companies

Some drivers cannot be controlled (market churn, competitor approvals), others only in the long-run (R&D pipeline)

Therefore, our solution optimizes the driver with biggest immediate impact: sales force size, allocation and channel mix

It focuses the sales force activities on regions, brands and channels with high customer response

It predicts the impact of this optimized sales force and channel deployment on future sales and profits

It is applicable for all life cycle stages – from product launch to late-stage commercialization

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Results from initial study with 1.7 bn UK data

1. Higher customer response

2. +5-10% profit upside

3. 60-90% less planning work

Use Cases

Medicalytix solves
multiple business challenges

About us

Dr. Moritz Fischer

  • Customer lead & CEO
  • Ex-BCG project leader in biopharma & medtech
  • Strong focus on commercial excellence and big-data analytics
  • PhD in healthcare innovation

Sebastian Butterweck

  • Product lead
  • B2B software developer and entrepreneur
  • Strong focus on algorithms & machine learning
  • BSc. Computer Science

Marc Gilbert

  • Infrastructure & security lead
  • B2B cloud solution specialist and entrepreneur
  • Strong focus on data securitiy solutions in e.g., banking
  • Certified IT specialist